First series of trainings

On 2-6 October 2023, in the town of Velingrad, the first series of training seminars for national institutions and NGOs working in the field of migration and asylum was held. A focus of the seminars was the provision of temporary protection and work with vulnerable groups.

The seminars were led by a team of recognised experts in the field of asylum and migration – representatives of Bulgarian and international organizations and institutions. During the trainings, the following topics were discussed:

  • The expert sociological study of the profile of third-country nationals seeking international protection and granted temporary protection on the territory of Bulgaria, that was developed within the framework of the project;
  • The conditions and procedure for granting temporary protection;
  • Risks and threats and national measures for the protection and care of vulnerable groups of third-country nationals and in particular the vulnerability of migrants to being victims of human trafficking;
  • The experience of Germany and other EU member states in providing temporary protection;
  • Opportunities for cooperation between police authorities and non-governmental organizations in the field of internal security, etc.

The training seminars received excellent feedback from the participants, who actively participated in the discussions with the speakers from Bulgaria and Germany.

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